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Onyx Fashion Show - Spring 2017

​​The Onyx Fashion Show is a student - led philanthropic effort.


Our longer term goal is to work with the community to provide uninhibited access to support and services for youth and their families through schools, the health care system, our community services and more.

Our mission is to let no youth or their family suffer without help from depression or other mental health concerns. Our goal is to transform access to support for youth suffering from depression and mental health concerns in our community.

"The brightest of stars shine for the benefit of others."

About Us

Direct Donations
​No donation is to small and to date we have raised over $1.3 million due to your generous direct financial contributions.

Together we can make change.

In partnership with North York General Hospital - we have fulfilled 'Maddie's Wish' by funding a renovation of the Youth Mental Health Inpatient unit as well as raising  over $1.3 million towards the development of Maddie’s Healing Gardens at the new state- of -the -art Mental Health Outpatient Care Centre for women and youth at the Phillips House.

Maddie's Healing Garden at The Phillips House
Donate now to support child and youth mental health services at NYGH and the future home of Maddie's Healing Garden
Maddie's Star
 This fine pewter silver star on a lavender sachet designed by celebrates Maddie's charm, sparkle and light. 50% of proceeds are donated.

All of our programs and fundraising initiatives are driven by you - the community. These programs are sparking conversations, reducing the stigma around depression and other mental health concerns as well as fundraising towards making a significant impact in the community. Below are some of the Maddie Project programs that are driving change. Click on the images to learn more about each one. Contact us to get support for your own Maddie Project or learn how you can get involved.
Together we can raise awareness by starting conversations around the topic of youth depression and mental health concerns.  These conversations will reduce the stigma associated with depression and encourage youth, their friends, families and communities to put up their hand for help.